Question: Does your glitter go onto the wall like normal wallpaper?

Answer: No, our glitter feature walls are actually a wall fabric, rather than wallpaper. It does not get butted together as normal wallpaper would, it has to be overlapped and spliced and a special wall covering adhesive has to be used.


Question: How do I know how much glitter I need for my wall?

Answer: Our glitter is sold by the linear metre (1m in length x 1.3m wide). You will need to measure the width of your wall in metres and divide it by 1.3 (this figure should be rounded up). Measure the height of your wall in metres and then multiply the height by the width.


Question: Do you cover all areas to hire your products?

Answer: We do cover most areas, but please contact us directly before booking to ensure we cover your area.


Question: Do you offer wedding planning services?

Answer: We offer a wide range of planning and production services for all occasions. We love planning a wedding here at Glitters and offer different kinds of planning services including full planning and partial planning.